Marine Contracting | Excavation

Hill Industrial Marine Contracting and Excavation (“Hill Industrial”) has a strategic partnership with DC area marine contracting and excavation company which serves the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, DC, and Virginia DC areas. The Hill Industrial team carries over 100 years of combined experience in heavy civil construction and real estate development. Our team is made up of experienced project managers and heavy equipment operators.

Hill Industrial serves the public and private sectors with our spectrum of services including pile driving, marine contracting, dredging, excavation for site development and other projects, grading and paving, underground utilities, earthmoving for environmental remediation, removal & installation of underground storage tank systems, and quarry stripping.

The Hill Industrial team and its fleet of equipment is ready to respond to any project including repair due to weather damage or erosion.

Our aim is use technology to provide money saving solutions for our clients.

Hill Industrial focuses on projects within the scope of our equipment and within the range of our staff's knowledge base. We have strategic relationships with other construction, engineering, and related companies to compliment Hill Industrial's capabilities by jointly working on large scale projects.

Developing and improving our competitive edge in the market is an ongoing requirement of our business. We are excavating and site development contractors with the ability to complete related tasks such as environmental remediation and underground work. Our biggest asset is our ability to be innovative, which means we are committed to finding and implementing the best solution for your construction project. Hill Industrial is a leader in innovative solutions because our staff is knowledgeable, practical, vastly experienced, and skillful.

We serve the public and private sectors with our spectrum of services including:

Marine Contracting

Pile Driving


Excavation and Earthmoving

Environmental Remediation

Site Development

Land Clearing

Lake Excavation

Structure Demolition

Underground Utilities

Quarry Stripping


Storm Water



Hill Industrial serves industrial, commercial, residential and public works with our emergency response services. We immediately deploy our fleet of equipment and team to respond to emergency repairs.


Storm damage/erosion

Road failure


Debris Removal

Levee repair

Slope stabilization

Rip rap