About Us

Hill Industries is a holding company established for the purpose of making business acquisitions and establishing joint venture partnerships with established industrial companies. The company is uniquely comprised of executives with Wall Street management, structuring, trading, finance, accounting, and investment management skills. The team has nearly $90 billion dollars of combined transactional experience, which represents an excess of 150 years experience. Hill Industries members have been involved in a broad range of industries that include corporate finance and banking, construction, energy, real estate, financial management, financial terrorism, risk management, cyber security and technology. Each member has managed large groups of people within their respective organizations.

One very important benefit to the Hill Industries team is the relationships each member brings to the group. The company’s rolodex provides Hill Industries with access to a wealth of private investors, private equity capital, and also gives small companies access to Wall Street relationships. Each member possesses unique talents which complement the skills and expertise of the other members.

The Hill Industries team is comprised of members specializing in trading fixed income bonds and derivatives, structured products and loans, all varieties of mortgage and asset backed securities, and futures. Hill Industries takes a proactive team approach to evaluating the financial and operational structures of target companies, and then outlines a plan for the target to operate more efficiently.

As advisors, Hill Industries develops investment strategies for investors holding non-investment grade and non-rated securities. These investments will consist primarily of residential mortgage-backed securities and structured finance CDOs, but also may include commercial mortgage-backed securities, second lien loans, credit derivatives and other mortgage-related investments.